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Mulberry Cottage Revisited

1997 - 2016

Hearth Based Programs

 Mingling Nature and the Human Heart

Waldorf Early Childhood ~ Supporting Growing Life


Mulberry Cottage Revisited offers a glimpse into the play and and experiences of our long running, home-based, Waldorf Early Childhood programs.  The intension is to support you who support Life in your community whether a home, a school, or other circle of humanity.

Step In!

The mission of the Mulberry Cottage was to engage with the forces and processes that enhance and sustain the work of caring for growing life. 

This mission was expressed through the exploration of the archetype of the abundant Cottage Hearth where life forces are rich and all are welcome to be warmed by the glow of acceptance and grace, especially the children.  This archetypal picture transposed on our daily lives worked to bring strength and direction to the modern home and thus to the family life that grows there. 

Various forms of activity spring up out of the matrix of the needs that entered and the power that was available.  Balance was essential to the Mulberry Cottage’s foundation.  

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